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Our vision

We are firmly convinced that we are currently facing gigantic challenges that we can only master together.

In these times, a resilient and activatable network is more important than ever. Even as an entrepreneur, you don't know what to do in some situations that you couldn't fully prepare for. We believe that an open exchange about acute problems and challenges, solutions or experiences can at least help here. And sometimes, it is also a coincidence to have found the right contact at the right moment.

We want to be available to the SME entrepreneur with our strength, our network in these times and to show you possibilities and ways with advice and action. Regardless of whether we can solve the questions ourselves or not, we would at least like to try to help with our contacts. We can't promise anything, but it's better than not trying!

We are happy to form NEW ties and would be happy to exchange ideas with you.

Our goals

  • A consulting network that is geared towards sustainable knowledge and action building. Fair and transparent

  • Establish a single point of truth and communication channels

  • Short-term crisis intervention partners

  • Support in finding interim managers

  • A network of visionaries who think our business location into the future

  • Deciding and leading under uncertainty - building up competence for the digital future now

  • Network and know-how for employee recruitment

  • Restructuring costs and change management support (process and strategy work)

  • Conflict moderation and communication support

  • No 0-8-15 textbook solutions - but solutions that listen and grow with you

  • The thing is clear - empathetic to people

  • Generational exchange - what can we learn from each other?

  • Creative inspiration: we have always done it this way, we do not accept it

  • Appreciation and respect in all crisis situations and especially when it comes to the crunch

About us

We are a group of freelancers, independent management consultants and coaches.

Each of us has experience in TOP management positions in retail, in the area of ​​contract logistics, FMCG, fashion, automotive tier 1 suppliers, semiconductors.

We are experienced in the following markets:

  • All of Europe

  • United States

  • PR China

  • Vietnam

  • Malaysia

  • Hong Kong

  • Thailand

  • India

  • Singapore

Our know-how
  • Operations management

  • Networks

  • Strategy & organization

  • Process design

  • Process management

  • Organizational development

  • Shop floor management

  • Production logistics

  • CEP expertise

  • globalization


  • IT management

  • Strategic planning

  • Business coaching

  • Inspiring coaching

  • Supply chain solutions / services

  • logistics

  • RFID

  • all MOT's

We are not funders

We do not provide legal advice and we do not provide tax advice!

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